Co-Curricular Activities

Development of aesthetic sense in children is adequately under taken through introduction of music and other fine arts. Those who are endowed with better potentialities are taught to do more but all are encouraged to appreciate what is taught in the name of music and fine arts. The programme starts right from the Play classes, where children do “Learn with play” activity. This programme continues in the primary section through action songs in musical tunes and notes.

Education and Literacy are two different words and the mere knowledge of various subjects by help of the books or the bookish knowledge makes one only the literate and not an educated one. Broadly speaking education imbibes the inculcation of qualities and hence the school intends to organize various club activities to bring about the requisite contributions in this field viz...

Health & Wellness Club

It is a prime step apart from the stories to organize the workshops time to time on the subject, games, sport, debates and other health awakening activities are such assets.

Reading Club

To develop a healthy reading habit and boosting up the excellence the library with its rich store of books providers the ample opportunities by going through them.


It is an important part of periodical activities of school to develop the art of oratory capacity to speak something on a particular topic and convince a profound success to a reality.

Group Discussion

In this improvement and considerable upliftment & a student status the activities of GD help to determine the hidden talent and make one capable of presenting and expressing one.

Painting Competition

The talent is natural, it is only sharpened through the practice hence a big deal of achievements are carried by our students in the field of fine arts and crafts like other welfare and improvement activities the Painting competitions are organized time to time under the guidance of expert art faculty

Science Exhibition

For developing a scientific approach and aptitude among the students the ample guidance and scientific thinking are projected into reality by help of interhouse science exhibition in which the students convert their imaginations and ideas reality so that a scientific temperament can be targeted.