Dr. Manujendra Gupta


Those whose intensions are sound certainly what they thought, they focused.

Means the people with firm intention and determinations have always reached their goal, although such people have to face several challenges in their life but ultimately they reach their goal.

Around two decades back the educational scenario of nearby Noorpur was quite different but now there is a remarkable change all around us.

The credit goes to my respected father late Sh. Ram Rakshpal Gupta who had an instinct and always guided me to sculpture the embodiment of his dreams as a place of learning with ethical values and modern approach of learning which came up as a present wisdom tree in the vicinity of Noorpur town in the form of R.R.P.S. and serving the mankind by blessing of goddess Saraswati.

Here at RRPS, We are trying our best to prove ourselves to the needs and expectations of our worthy parents and children and always promise the best on our behalf.

The current Presentation in the form of fascinating imprint is a powerful rapport which will really strengthen them to an utmost potential. We always ensure to respect your valuable views and suggestions at our best.