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From The Principal's Desk

From The Principal's Desk


We at RRSSPS here, have been eternally committed to carry forward the coalescent endeavours of attaining new heights and tremendous contributions emancipatingly felt for leading the world as we are already identified as the second largest population of the world and first and biggest democracy.

Henceforth we are solemnly inclined   to head and represent and not to wait in the queue.Our students have always beaten the path of esteemed success in such a way and proved their ability to an extreme, second to none & quite unmatched in the vicinity that we assure to maintain in the future since our first senior secondary batch, our aspirants are regularly shining their glory in the JEE Mains and Advanced, UPTU as well as in other highly reputable institutions of the country. All that we are intended to do is to ignite the flame of self confidence, self control and discipline, alertness and responsible sense of universal brotherhood so that they can prove them as global citizens of tomorrow.


Hope, may this endeavor for extreme excellence continue to keepsparking of the RRPians alight and bright forever.

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